Breeder's Rights

Buying a Bengal kitten with Breeder Rights will give you the First Pick of a particular litter. This is so that you can pick any kitten of your choosing with the quality you have in mind.

The cost to have Breeders Right starts at $3,500 and it depends on the type of kitten you choose. This also comes with a $1,000 upfront deposit to Pure Bengals. You must also answer our questions, as finding the right home is our priority. You must explain your goals, the type of environment you will create for the Bengals and what kind of lifestyle you plan to give them will help determine the right fit.

Once approved, Pure Bengal will provide you with the certified paperwork that will allow you to register your new Bengal with The International Cat Association (TICA). You will then be able to sell your kittens as TICA registered and will give you the ability to compete at TICA sanctioned events.

We will guarantee that all kittens will have the ability to breed. If the kitten you have purchased is sterile (with veterinary proof of sterility), you will be placed at the top of the list to receive a replacement Bengal kitten of equal value.