Frequently Asked Questions

Do Bengals make good pets? 

Bengal cats make wonderful pets if you like an active, playful companion. They are very vocal. You should always do your research about the breeder, meet the parents and ask for details about the parent's personality. Our Bengal cats are social with everyone (adults, children and dogs) and can't wait to entertain guests or cuddle in your lap. 

Can I return the kitten if I decide a Bengal is not for me? 

All sales are final and non-refundable. If you decide after careful consideration that a Bengal is not for you, we will take it back to a place with a more suitable family. 

Are Bengal cats domestic? 

A Bengal cat is considered a domestic cat. Bengals are bred to possess all of the qualities and traits that you expect from a domestic cat (loving personality and temperament). Bengal cats generally have a higher energy level and increased intelligence than a normal house cat. 

Are Bengals wild or aggressive? 

The Bengal's temperament is purely domestic. Years of breeding have resulted in a cat with a beautiful and exotic look while being an even-tempered, gently, affectionate, and playful family pet. 
It is important to note that Bengals are more intelligent and have higher energy levels that if not properly stimulated with daily activities and interaction with owners can cause your Bengal to become depressed and angry. They will show their emotions by meowing, damaging things, pretending to forget how to use the litter box, etc. 

They are like children so do not buy a Bengal if you're looking for a lazy cat. 

Why choose a Bengal? 

  • Bengals have a wild and exotic look to them
  • they are truly the Gems of the Feline world 
  • Bengals have very dog-like characteristics such as loyalty and intelligence
  • A Bengal can be walked on a leash with just a little training
  • Most Bengals love to ride in cars 
  • Most Bengals get along well with other pets
  • Bengals are highly energetic and retain that kitten-like energy for many years 
  • Most Bengals like water and will play in it 
  • Bengals love to play and are great for a household with kids 
  • Bengals are one of the most exotic cats that you can own
  • Bengals are slim & muscular with long lean bodies
  • Bengals love to climb and jump and are a joy to watch
  • Bengals are very intelligent and can be trained
  • Bengals are Hypoallergenic with virtually no shedding
  • Their fur is not like other cats, it is soft and silky with glitter to it
  • Bengals are generally healthy with few genetic issues
  • They are your very own Lap Leopard
  • We raise them with love in our home, for your home. Our Bengals have not been kept in cages! They live with us 24/7

How much attention does a Bengal kitten need?

Bengals cats need just as much attention as a dog would. Consider buying two kittens so that they can entertain each other. The more love, time and effort you put into your relationship with your Bengal, the more you will create an unbreakable bond. 

Can a Bengal kitten be an Emotional Support Animal? 

Yes, Bengals can become emotional support cats. All you need is an ESA letter. In most cases, the only requirement for an emotional support cat is that you share a connection with them and that their companionship has a calming and supportive effect on you. 

Why is it important to get a documented TICA purebred Bengal? 

If you are purchasing a Bengal from a "breeder" that does not have TICA registered Bengals, there is no guarantee that they are even 100% Bengal. Bengal cats have distinctly different social personalities when compared to other breeds. Many people who purchase Bengals cats want an exotic-looking pet with a dog-like personality and superior intelligence.

A “Bengal” that is not TICA registered may not be a Bengal cat, it may not have the traditional Bengal cat personality or it may have an altered personality with negative or aggressive personality treats. In addition, the cat may have unconventional colouring, patterning and unforeseen health problems.

What is the process for buying a Registered Bengals Kitten?

We ask that you either send us a note from our contact page.

We respond within 24 hours at which time we will send you an e-mail back on the next steps.  Our preference is to communicate by e-mail or by text at first, as this is the most efficient way for us to communicate with potential clients and there is less likelihood of miscommunication. We can then follow up with a phone call to discuss any questions or concerns you may have.  If everything is in order we will ask you to make a deposit of $500 to reserve your kitten. We can provide photos and videos upon request. We can also Face time.  

If we have another approved buyer who places their deposit before you do, the kitten will be reserved for them, regardless of how long you have been in communication with us.  We have had approved buyers miss out by 5 minutes on their chosen kitten because they did not send in their deposit, so if you are really interested in one of our kittens, and your application has been approved, we would urge you to act quickly.

Once you have reserved your kitten, we will send you updates of your kitten (typically once a week) until the kitten is picked up.  This will be in the form of photos or videos.  Please note that sometimes due to work constraints, we may not be able to provide weekly updates, but please feel free to contact us if you would like an update on your kitten.

Once Covid-19 is over we will resume having the client visit and touch our kittens on site. For the safety of our clients, ourselves and our Bengals we are not allowing any visits to our homes. We can meet outside of our home or we can deliver the cat to you! The balance is due in cash when the kitten is picked up. You can pay by credit card, and/or by PayPal. We will provide you with a receipt for the deposit and the remaining balance. 

We want to know how your kitten is doing, and we appreciate updates and pictures from our clients.

Please note that if you pay by credit card or PayPal you will have to pay GST/HST. 


What should I do if I want a kitten already on hold?
Don't hesitate to contact us if this happens. The kitten could become available, and we will let you know. 

Will you sell to other breeders or people who would like to breed Bengals?
The answer to this is generally yes, We will sell to reputable Bengal Breeders who are TICA registered.  We will NOT sell to Breeders that do not plan to register the kittens that they produce or who have any plans or history of cross-breeding with anything other than a Registered Bengal.

When can I take my Bengal kitten home? 

Our kitten usually leaves our home at around 10 weeks old depending on a few reasons. They need time to build a strong enough immune system, be on their own,

What is included in your price? 

  • TICA registration slip
  • Sales contract
  • 2 year congenital/genetic health guarantee 
  • Vaccines
  • Dewormed
  • Weekly updates 
  • Sample bag of food
  • Lifetime breeder support 
  • Our breeder cats are all tested for PK-Deficiency, PRA, 

What if I have another cat, dog, or small children? Will my new kitten get along with the other members of my house?
Young kittens can adjust to almost anything, however, sometimes this may take some time. You want to put your new pets in a room with food, water, toys and a bed. Let the kitten get used to its new surroundings and introduce your kitten slowly to your pets and/or children. This could take 1 to 2 weeks or longer depending on you and your kitten. They usually become quite close to dogs.  As with all animals, We highly recommend that you watch the children and the cats together very closely at first.

Bengal care 

Bengals have a beautiful, short, pelted coat that requires minimal grooming. Weekly brushing with a soft brush will stimulate circulation and keep the coat shiny and healthy is all that they need. Bengals shed very little and with minimal grooming, you will not notice cat hair everywhere. Nails on the front and back paws should be clipped once every week or two, get your Bengal in the habit of getting their nails clipped when they are young, this will help them to get used to it so when they are older they won't resist it very much, also try rewarding them with a treat when they are done. Freshwater must be kept available at all times.

What is the average size of the Bengal cats?

Males are usually bigger than females. The males are more muscular and weigh in at about 10-15 lbs. Females are smaller ranging in size from 7-10 lbs. Every bloodline produces a variety of sizes and musculature.

When should I have my kitten altered? Do they have to be?
Kittens that have been altered make more loving pets. TICA responsible breeders usually have a spay/neuter contract that you will sign at the time of purchase. This will require you to have your kitten spayed/neutered by the time they are 6 months old if we haven't already had them spayed/neutered. We will hold their TICA papers until this is done.

Do you offer Stud Service?
Yes, we have Stud Service Available - Queen must have Health Screening less than Ten (10) days old validating the following.
FeLV- Negative   FIV-Negative   FVR-Feline Herpes Negative Vaccinations up to date Queen must come to us for 3 to 5 days in Mid Heat